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Empowering students to be more integrated in Lebanese universities’ structures and programs, a project launched at USEK.
Engaging students and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences.
Enabling more evident student representation in Lebanese universities. Lebanese university students are highly advised to participate in the survey.

About the project

In Lebanon, student representation is, in most cases, based on traditional political divisions, themselves based on regional politics and influences. Students usually identify themselves as belonging to a certain political family, a choice depending mainly on deeply-rooted family habits and traditional affiliations. This situation therefore ignites frequent confrontations between groups of students during student elections and in-between.

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New session of the StEER-Leb MOOC
New session of the StEER-Leb MOOC
The partners of the StEER-Leb project have been working on establishing a MOOC (Massive Open Online course) to train Students…
Insights into the monitoring and closing event
From October 11th to 13th, the monitoring and closing event of the StEER-Leb project took place in Lebanon. This face-to-face…
Upcoming Training of Trainers
Upcoming Training of Trainers
We are more than happy to share the upcoming Lebanese American University Series of ToT- Training of Trainers by StEER…
StEER-Leb Monitoring & Closing Event in Beirut
From October 11th to 13th, the monitoring and closing event of the StEER-Leb project will take place. It will be…

This project has been funded with support from the European Union.
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Name: StEER-Leb «Student Empowerment Engagement and Representation in Lebanese Universities»
Number: 586350-EPP-1-2017-1-LB-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP