The cycle of knowledge - The power of effective delegation

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The cycle of knowledge - The power of effective delegation

Training, limited to 30 students, selection is based on first come first served basis

Date: Thursday October 7, 2021

Time: 4:00 till 6:30 PM (Beirut time)

Location: Microsoft Teams , link will be sent after registration

PS: Language of training is English

Trainer: Mr. Yassin Khalil

About the Trainer: With nearly 5 years of experience in student representation, Yassin Khalil is the current Liaison Officer for the Middle East and Africa for ESN International. Based in the United Kingdom, he has spent 2 years as President for ESN City London, over 2 years in different roles across ESN UK. Furthermore, Yassin was also a Student Representative for 2 years in his local university, City University of London. Outside of ESN, Yassin has a range of experiences in finance, insurance and is now working in a learning and personal development organization.

Description of the Training: When working in student representation, it is fundamental to be able to effectively pass down the bank of knowledge we build, as well as be able to express our knowledge in a way where it is engaging and captures the audience’s attention. In this final ToT session, we will cover both these topics from both a theoretical and practical perspective such that it can be applied not only in a student representation context but in our everyday lives.