Meet our Students

Meet the students who participated actively in the steer-leb project

Pauline is a student in geography and urban planning. She is specialized in health issues and local development. She carries out territorial studies which make it possible to observe health through the prism of spatial analysis. She participated in the student association, and was a student representative for few years. The steerleb adventure allowed her to share and understand the way in which student representation was possible, and how it can act in favor of the student community. She is really happy to have been able to meet all these people !

Currently studying for a Master’s degree in law, Lucie took part in the project when she was the Student Vice-President of the University of Rouen Normandy. She is a natural friendly person and likes to meet new people and discover new things to learn more. This is why she got involved in the student life in her university. At the same time, she has a certain attraction and enthusiasm for art and culture, which is why she is specialised in cultural law in order to protect and conserve our heritage.

Valérie is 22 years old and is a student in Management at the Institute of Business Administration in Rouen.
She was general secretary and president of a student association in the faculty and then, vicepresident in two student federations: one at the regional level (FEDER) in charge of academic affairs, and one at the national level (ARES) in charge of training for associations and popular education. Her biggest mission during these mandates was to develop student engagement on campuses. She had the chance to be a student representative at different levels between 2016 and today (Faculty Council, Administration Council of University, and National Council of Higher Education and Research).

Rafaël currently lives in Rouen, France. He has a bachelor in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Rouen, and is currently doing a master’s degree in economics in Paris. He is and always was passionate about learning new languages, discovering new cultures, and meeting people from all over the world. He had a strong involvement in student associations for several years and was also an elected student representative. Helping students and accompanying them during their studies by joining student associations was a great experience that really motivated him and taught him a lot!

Charbel is a musicologist, a singer, and a musician. He has been working in the field for more than 5 years, as a music teacher and a freelance singer, performing in many festivals around Lebanon and abroad. He is currently finishing his master’s degree in musicology at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK).

Marie is a mom for 4 children. She is the manager owner of an educational center and is still studying and searching to give her students and her kids the best. Being a PhD researcher gives a good example to her kids and students so they can reach their goals in life. Finally, Marie is always engaged in her university so she is a member in the Alumni office and a member in steerleb project.

Nour graduated with a B.A. in Political Sciences and a B.S. in Economics, and decided to pursue a Master in the Political Economy of Capitalism in Geneva. She is a dynamic person with a passion for politics, international relations, political economy and diplomacy. During her studies, she engaged in several activities from being a student representative to participating in MUN and even Mediation workshops. She also volunteers at Rotaract. She likes to share positivity around her and hopefully be able to make a positive impact in her professional career. Her moto is: “Do what you love, and you will succeed”.

Maya is a food engineering student at USEK. She loves going out and looking for new adventures to create meaningful memories. She has the curiosity of a child which makes her love learning new things and enjoy researching the latest trends and experimenting with new ideas. She enjosy helping make positive changes to the world, doing something for the humankind.

Rudy is a 4th year law student and the student representative of the school of law and political sciences. For the past 2 years, he has been involved in many extracurricular activities such as Model United Nations… Throughout his short experience, he has noticed that he is good in public speaking and teamwork.
He joined the StEER-LEB team in 2020, and hopes to be able to achieve, alongside other members of the team, the goals that has been set for this program, especially the national student structure.

Lama Achkar is currently working as a trainee lawyer and is completing her masters in Private Law. She has a steady source of motivation largely her family, that leads her to challenge herself daily and do better work. As a lawyer and a middle child, she is known to be a rebel who, surprisingly, loves following the rules.
One of her favorite quotes by Einstein is “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Karen is an architecture student and is very passionate about her major. During the year 2020-2021, she was nominated as the student representative of architecture (cycle 1). This experience has shown her devotion to helping other students, and make sure their voices and opinions are heard.

I have been the president of the LAU citizenship club for Spring 2021. I have also been the secretary of the Secular group at LAU. Besides, I trained with the LAU Global Classroom Model United Nations and LAU Model Arab League, and chaired several local and international conferences with these programs. Furthermore, I am a fellow founder of NewGen Peacebuilders in Lebanon, and I am a Rotaract member. Moreover, I am working with Studio Madani in the Documenters and Visual Creators workgroup. Lastly, I am an outreach facilitator with Hult Prize organizing committee in Lebanon.

I am interested in psychology and human beings. I love to volunteer and give back to my community in various ways. My journey with Steer – Leb has helped me build meaningful connections and allowed me to work on bettering my life as well as the lives of others around me. I believe that student engagement and representation is one of the best ways towards forming better universities which are more inclusive and better accommodating for student life. My goal of joining Steer – Leb is to facilitate the process of student engagement and raise awareness around its importance in university campuses across Lebanon…

I believe in the importance of student engagement and inclusion at the university level, considering it as a mirror of the attitudes and norms that students continue to build up, as their role in society prevails. This is why, I am dedicated to the objectives of Steer Leb. I describe myself as flexible, open-minded, and organized

Gaelle is a social activist and a nonprofit leader engaged in social change since the age of 16. She is a pharmacist with a strong belief in health equity and has  co-founded a medication aid initiative called ‘Paracetmour’ that is assisting people in Lebanon in medication shortage and insecurity.Currently she is leading an initiative called ‘Haddak Men B3id,Assistance from a Distance’ co-founded by 8 of her childhood friends and her which came to life amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis that has so far assisted more than 550 families across more than 70 regions in Lebanon with food and livelihood assistance.

Hussein Faour is a 20-year-old student from LAU, majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry and performing arts. He is also the Vice President of LAU’s intersectional Feminist Club, a UNDP Youth Leadership Ambassador, a NewGen Peacebuilders fellow, and most recently a member of the TOT team at STEER-LEB. Hussein’s work experience includes internships at Creo Incubator, LAUMC – Rizk Hospital, and LAU libraries. He is very passionate about social work, volunteering, and community service. His volunteering experience span over multiple NGOs including Animals Lebanon, FoodBlessed, MMKN, Beit El Baraka, and Agrilinks. He believes that community service is essential for his future career in medicine. In his free time, Hussein likes to read, write, and listens to music. He believes that art is an indispensable entity for healing and self-expression.

I graduated from the Lebanese American University in May 2020 with a BE in Industrial Engineering and minor in Business. I moved to the United States early 2021 and I will be pursuing my master’s degree at Cornell Tech University in New York City. While at LAU, I was actively involved with LAU’s simulation programs including the LAU Model African Union where I served as Deputy Secretary General. Be it in my professional or personal endeavors, I constantly look to have an impact on my community and to help those around me. SteerLEB was truly a highlight of my senior year!

I’m Karam Aboudaher, an undergraduate student studying International Business and Marketing at the Lebanese American University and a best-selling author of “Everything Matters”. I always aim to succeed in everything I am passionate about. Throughout, my academic university years, I took part in numerous conferences and workshops that are related to business, luxury management, technology and innovation. I am always looking for opportunities to explore new skills and satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

Mira is a Lebanese American University third-year student. Mira is self-driven, goal-oriented, and persistent, with great interpersonal communication skills, high work ethics, and a generous interest in others, allowing her to get substantial volunteer and community service experience. She volunteered in the Lebanese Red Cross, volunteer in the DSC, and she is a member of the computer science and Data Analytics Clubs. Mira plans to pursue an education and career in Cyber Security and countering Cyber Fraud. Mira likes swimming, running, hikes, and she enjoys playing piano.

I am a hard-working civil engineering student at LAU and I joined the STEER-Leb program during my second year at university, in spring 2021. Before enrolling at LAU, I spent 9 years of my life in Saudi Arabia, which gave me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. This also made me very attached to my home country. I am usually seen as a shy but helpful and reliable person. My interests and hobbies include playing the piano, hiking and reading books. I strive to have a healthy lifestyle. Cats have a special place in my heart.

Marise Abboud currently holds the Newsletter Editor position at IAAND, which involves content creating and editing the communications into monthly E-publications. As a previous content creator at KetobbKetob initiative, Marise a recent graduate, was an effective part of her university’s extracurricular activities as the President of the Nutrition Club from 2018 until 2020 that made her develop a wider devotion for the community setting. In 2019, being her university’s campus director, and a year later the community builder of Lebanon at the Hult Prize Foundation, have all helped in shaping her professional skills, personal goals and aspirations towards the world.
Her quote is: It’s never too late to make a small contribution to the community, as with it we become one step closer to the betterment of the world.

Ola is a second-year Honors student at the Lebanese American University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. She is passionate, hard-working, and dedicated to any role she may be assigned to take. She loves to enroll herself in any extracurricular and volunteering activity aiming at serving the community as she feels it gives her a sense of belonging, and a place where she can freely develop herself and others around her. Within StEER-LEB, Ola is a trainer on the TOT team where she prepares and delivers material through workshops to student representatives at LAU.

I am a Lebanese student majoring in business management who believes in the power of change and positivity even in the darkest times. Steer-Leb was a great opportunity for me to share my experience as the president of the LAU music club during Covid 19 crisis along with many other club memberships and activities.

Yara El Murr graduated from LAU with a BS in Biology and then pursued a MA in Journalism at the City University of New York. She currently works as a journalist and filmmaker, mainly covering the intersection of health and social issues. During her time at LAU, Yara served as the president of the Astronomy Club, secretary of the Animal Care Club, and member of SteerLeb. She graduated with high distinction and received the Rhoda Orme service award, and many club awards. As part of SteerLeb, she took part of many meetings and traveled to the University of Cadiz, Spain.

Juan is 21 and comes from Cádiz in Spain. He is very interested in literature, linguistics, the Medieval Age, and in interacting with people of different cultures. 

Javier is 24 and has always been interested in sciences in general. He also enjoys meeting people and learning about different cultures. He really finds interesting student representation and defending their interests. It is really refreshing feeling how problems are being solved and again and again new topics are brought to the table, and how they are debated.