A report has been produced based on the answers provided in the Self-Assessment and Need Analysis Survey. This survey has been drafted by the partner institutions and disseminated among all Lebanese partners in order to have a clearer idea of the current situation of Student Empowerment, Engagement and Representation (StEER) at the national-level and to identify the knowledge, needs and expectations of the academic communities (students, professors, employees and governance). 

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A Handbook on Good Practices has been produced following the three visits in the universities of the Programme countries. Two types of activities took place during these visits: shadowing sessions and meetings for the exchange of good practices.

The shadowing visits aimed at visiting the infrastructures in place at the concerned European universities and their functioning. The meetings for the exchange of good practices took place during the same visits, gathering all partners (including representatives of their student bodies) and local stakeholders. 

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The StEER-Leb Project Journey: it’s just the beginning!



Report on dissemination activities