Students of StEER-Leb

Students of StEER-Leb

StEER-Leb is in itself student empowerment because it is purely student oriented and focused on improving student life in different communities.

Joumana Atara
Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Student representation, empowerment and engagement reflect the healthy behavior that any student must practice in order to prosper and improve his society.

Paul Nassar
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon

Student representation is the best experience I've ever had. Meeting people, working with them, discussing, arguing, etc. allows me to grow and build my professional ambition.

Valérie Rasolojaona
Université de Rouen-Normandie, France

To be a student representative means to commit, step by step, in achieving concrete results for everyone. Student representatives shall dialogue and collaborate with anyone and rely on mutual dialogue.

Mirko Grammatico
Università di Bologna, Italy

Being engaged and using the methods and ideas learned in the StEER-Leb experience will be the key to improve our engagement in our university and later on at the level of our country.

Jessica Wakim
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon

Showing students that they have the means to build their own future opens up a window of hope, bringing fresh new air.

Javier Racero Catalan
Universidad de Cadiz, Spain

Student representation and empowerment mean having the ability to work towards a brighter future through creating new ways to achieve a collective vision that the youth has for the future.

Maria Bou Abdallah
Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Lebanon

I call the youth to dare to fight for their rights and oppose any form of patronization. The worldwide students' movement shall prevail!

Ronaldo Kaddoum
Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Lebanon

By participating in the StEER-Leb project, I got to know different perspectives and aspects of student representation and empowerment in European universities and in other Lebanese Universities.

Maya Yammine
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon

Student engagement to me is all about giving a bit of your time to help others and to discover yourself. Our mission is to represent, defend and to carry the voice of those who have something to say.

Rafaël Chastagner
Université de Rouen-Normandie, France

StEER-Leb has helped me shape the image of tomorrow’s leaders in my mind. Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students with a vision of a more unified, cohesive yet diverse society and the key lies in empowering them.

Gaelle Matar
Lebanese American University, Lebanon

It is quintessential to aim to speak to the whole student body: your audience is the thousands of students within the student body. Collective dialogue is key to a successful message.

Nader Akoum
Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Students representatives must hear out both the administration and the students' sides, then think about the most suitable solution, before reacting. The motto a student representative should live by, to fully achieve the purposes of his/her mission is: "Listen... Think? React!"

Joan Samaha
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon

StEER-Leb encouraged me to work more on the empowerment and representation of students in universities and to be more engaged in student structures and events. I was able to be part of dynamic student debates and capacity building activities.

Sandy Belle Milan
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon

Our life is a tiny point in the ocean, and there are many waves to face to reach the shore. Here comes the role of a student representative, a captain who is carrying responsibilities of his crew to find any solution during the journey.

Kayssar Eid
Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, Lebanon


In view of the recent events that occurred worldwide and in Lebanon in particular, students representatives are sharing with us their feelings on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lebanese economic crisis and their campus life and activities. You can discover all their testimonials on the StEER-Leb project YouTube Channel here: